Progress and Understanding

A few philosophical musings on my path and the symbols that guide me. Symbols Gaia - Γ Yggdrasil - Ψ Phi - 𝛟 My Path Symbols Gaia - Γ The female divinity, beauty, love, higher truth. Yggdrasil - Ψ The world tree. Groundedness, the Earth, physical reality. Male nature. Phi - 𝛟 The divine, the transcendent, the higher truth. My Path $$ \boxed{\Phi \Gamma \Psi \rightarrow \emptyset \rightarrow \Phi} $$

Neurostochastic Panpsychism

Is the universe purely physical in nature? Assume ‘physicalism’, the non-dualist philosophical view that all things are physical, including the mind - in the style of D. Dennett. As follows, we can infer that there is nothing intrinsically supernatural about human consciousness, and that it is a mere product of the physical world and its laws. If the underlying physical processes may be replicated by other systems, then it is reasonable to infer that other systems may in principle possess qualia.